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PROs in the Clinical Setting: Implementation Planning Guide

  • Many decisions are required to customize the Epic PROMIS® app in accordance with the needs of the clinic where the app will be used. For example, clinics must select the appropriate PROs for clinic needs, decide on an administration schedule, agree on event-triggering thresholds, determine workflow, and make many other decisions that will determine how patients and clinicians will experience PROs.
  • This PRO Planning Guide (Word) outlines the decisions that must be made about PRO use in each clinical setting.
  • The Implementation Planning Decision Log (Excel) is a companion form to capture data about PRO implementation decisions as they are made.
  • The Implementation Plan Template (Word) is designed to document, in a formal manner, the information collected on the Decision Log.
  • All of these documents can be found in Northwestern’s DigitalHub.

Patient-Entered Questionnaires Setup and Support Guide

Epic provides a “Setup and Support Guide” for the Epic PROMIS app. This document is on a protected space on the Epic User Web. Access requires an Epic user name and password. If you do not have a password and you wish to access the guide, contact the Epic team at your institution. Reference Epic release note #557608.

This guide includes technical configuration requirements including:

  • Identifying patients
  • Assigning PROMIS measures
  • Automating assessment triggers (e.g.,clinic visit)
  • Establishing where clinicians access responses and scores

Expanded Configuration Instructions

The PROMIS Implementation Build Guide for Technical Personnel document contains additional instructions on customizing and automating the Epic PROMIS app. It focuses specifically on tasks such as creating the questionnaire series and creating the synopsis report.

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