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PROs in the Clinical Setting: Implementation Planning Guide

  • Many decisions are required to customize PROMIS® in accordance with the needs of the clinic where it will be used. For example, clinics must select the appropriate PROs for clinic needs, decide on an administration schedule, agree on event-triggering thresholds, determine workflow, and make many other decisions that will determine how patients and clinicians will experience PROs.
  • This PRO Planning Guide (Word) outlines the decisions that must be made about PRO use in each clinical setting.
  • The Implementation Planning Decision Log (Excel) is a companion form to capture data about PRO implementation decisions as they are made.
  • NOTE: The PRO Planning Guide and the companion Implementation Planning Decision Log were originally developed for Epic installations and thus contain references to Epic-specific entities, such as MyChart. While the specific language may not be applicable, the concepts are similar across all EHRs.
  • All of these documents can be found in Northwestern’s Digital Hub.

EASIPRO OpenEMR Github Page

  • This page is a fork of OpenEMR version 5.0.1. It contains the background information about EASIPRO and OpenEMR and guides users step-by-step through installation and use of PRO-enhanced OpenEMR. It includes:
    • Introduction to PROs
    • Introduction to EASIPRO
    • Step-by-step guide to install OpenEMR with PRO function
  • Visit the page>>

OpenEMR Website

  • The OpenEMR website includes comprehensive information that can help users decide if it is an appropriate option for their practice. OpenEMR is:
    • Fully open source
    • Free, always and forever
    • ONC complete EHR certified
    • Rich features including: scheduling, e-prescribing, medical billing, etc.

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