PROMIS measures including computer adaptive tests (CATs) are available in Epic through the App Orchard.


  • Administer, score, and view PROMIS® CATs for adults and pediatric patients
  • Trigger assessments by scheduled visit, diagnosis or procedure code, or ad hoc
  • Review individual patient’s responses and scores over time
  • View trended scores in synopsis view alongside other clinical data
  • Aggregate scores across patients in conjunction with clinical information to create a rich database for analyses
  • Red-flag scores (e.g., high depressive symptoms) to trigger real-time notifications to appropriate resources (e.g., crisis intervention team) or provide real-time guidance (e.g., call clinic)
  • End-to-end workflows for the deployment, collection, review, and analysis of PROMIS measures
  • All PROMIS data stored within Epic

Patients can complete assessments through:

  • MyChart patient portal
  • MyChart smartphone app
  • Hyperspace – accessed by clinic staff and completed by a patient without requiring a MyChart login
  • Welcome kiosk platform

Available Measures

  • Adult, pediatric, parent proxy report for pediatric patient
  • English and translations
  • PROMIS CATs, Profiles, and Global Health scales
  • View the current list of available measures. Learn more>> 


  • Use of Epic 2017 or later
  • Paid annual license fee


  • The PROMIS Epic App has an annual license fee.
  • There is no limit to the number of measures used or number of people within your organization who can use PROMIS.
  • Check with your local Epic IT team to learn if the license has been procured.
  • License fees provide product, technical and scientific support, curation of existing measures, and addition of new measures and translations.

To get started using the PROMIS Epic App, contact your local Epic team.

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