Electronic Health Record Access to Seamless Integration of Patient-Reported Outcomes (EASIPRO) provides tools and software to enable Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) data to be administered, scored, and viewed within widely used Electronic Health Records (EHRs) including:

Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® (PROMIS®) measures including computer adaptive tests (CATs) can be administered, scored, and viewed with EASIPRO tools.

Benefits of Seamless EHR Integration

Integration of PROs tightly and seamlessly in the EHR workflow can:

  • Reduce barriers to and overall cost of clinical and translational research use of PRO data
  • Reduce patient and researcher burden
  • Improve patient data privacy
  • Improve PRO data standardization across sites
  • Accelerate the translation from research to practice of PRO-based interventions

Why integrate patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in EHRs?

  • Store PRO data alongside other health data
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant data storage
  • Utilize authentication authorization tools native to EHR
  • Export PRO data to other platforms (e.g., i2b2) using the same protocols and procedures as other EHR data exports
  • No additional login to side-car or secondary system
  • No additional business associate agreement (BAA) needed


  • Offers measures of physical, mental, and social health Learn more>>
  • Appropriate for use across multiple patient populations
  • Results in interpretable scores
    • T-score (mean=50, standard deviation=10)
    • In most cases, 50 = mean of U.S. General Population Learn more>>
    • Cut points for mild, moderate, severe Learn more>>

Why Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs)?

  • Brief – usually 4-12 questions; can be completed in under a minute
  • Precise
  • Tailored content – CATs don’t ask questions that aren’t relevant to the respondent
  • Cover a wide range of function or symptom severity