Other EHRs

If you use an Electronic Health Record (EHR) other than Epic, Cerner, or OpenEMR, you can use EASIPRO tools to integrate patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures in your system.

There are two options for integrating PROs in your EHR.


The EASIPRO team has produced SMART on FHIR apps that can be used by your informatics team as a starting point for integration.

  • Ask your EHR vendor if your EHR supports SMART on FHIR
  • If yes, navigate to GitHub to access the EASIPRO SMART on FHIR apps. A ReadMe file will contain additional information. Access GitHub here>>
  • Learn more about SMART on FHIR. Learn more>>

Use the Assessment Center API

If you are a vendor of EHR solutions or if you are a site with deep technical expertise and you wish to build a tight, proprietary integration of PROMIS® and other PROs to your EHR, the Assessment Center Application Programming Interface (API) is a great solution. The Assessment Center API supports the FHIR Questionnaire resource and the Questionnaire administration follows the Argonaut Project’s Implementation Guide.

Learn more about the Assessment Center API>>

Contact your EHR vendor or your local technical department to identify the best option for you.