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PROs in the Clinical Setting: Implementation Planning Guide

  • Many decisions are required to customize PROMIS® in accordance with the needs of the clinic it will be used. For example, clinics must select the appropriate PROs for clinic needs, decide on an administration schedule, agree on event-triggering thresholds, determine workflow, and make many other decisions that will determine how patients and clinicians will experience PROs.
  • This PRO Planning Guide (Word) outlines the decisions that must be made about PRO use in each clinical setting.
  • The Implementation Planning Decision Log (Excel) is a companion form to capture data about PRO implementation decisions as they are made.
  • The Implementation Plan Template (Word) is designed to document, in a formal manner, the information collected on the Decision Log.
  • NOTE: The PRO Planning Guide, the companion Implementation Planning Decision Log and the Implementation Plan Template were originally developed for Epic installations and thus contain references to Epic-specific entities, such as MyChart. While the specific language may not be applicable, the concepts are similar across all EHRs.
  • All of these documents can be found in Northwestern’s Digital Hub.

Implementation and Configuration Guides

  • Step-by-step implementation and configuration guides are under development. They will include information for health IT teams implementing and localizing the EASIPRO app in their local environment. Content includes:
    • How to update Cerner and deploy locally secured infrastructure in a way that is compliant with securing standards and the application itself
    • How to configure and customize user experience
  • User guides will be published for clinicians and patients explaining how PRO orders and results can be incorporated into workflow

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