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Chestan James

Internship Experience

Challenging Heights is a non-profit that works to protect children’s rights and end child trafficking. Their primary method of prevention is through the education...
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Basketball in Ghana

7/14 Today, I played pickup basketball at Winneba University North campus with my host brother, Prince at around 4 pm. Just as we were...
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Day in the Life: Winneba, Ghana

I began my day waking up at 8:00 am to the smell of my host mom cooking breakfast which was usually two omelets between...
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Cross Cultural Miscommunication

This experience was between myself, my friend Rohan, and two teachers at my internship site, Challenging Heights School in Winneba, Ghana. One of the...
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Letter to my lil bro: Reflection on my experiences

During my stay in Winneba, Ghana, there were many times I felt immersed into the culture.  As an African American whose African heritage has...
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An Unexpected Accident

7/24/2019 – Today we went on a trip to see the hippos. We were staying at a hotel in Tamale and drove to the...
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A Place to Call Home? Exploring African American identity in Ghana

Every time I walk to the Challenging Heights School in Winneba, there is a group of children that shout with excitement to see me....
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