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Category: South Korea

Cafe Hopping

Korea is known for its aesthetic and themed cafes, so I frequented them over my semester abroad. A lot I visited for birthday events,...
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Sharing Perspectives

One of my favorite things about Ewha Womans University is the fact that its a feminist institution in a traditionally old-fashioned society. It is...
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Jumunjin Beach

This was a last minute, spontaneous trip with my German friend. She speaks Korean well, so I felt traveling with her outside of Seoul...
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Jeju Island

Jeju Island is arguably the most popular vacation spot in South Korea, so this was another weekend trip I wanted to go on. This...
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Love Yourself Finale

After being fortunate enough to scavenge tickets in September at a PC bang (computer room with high speed internet), I was able to attend...
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Train to Busan

Busan is the 2nd largest city in Korea, so I knew I wanted to visit at some point. I went with a friend on...
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