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Category: Music

Sand, Camels, and Bliss

As I rode on a camel in the Sahara Desert and took in the serene view, I was overwhelmed by the desert’s beauty. The...
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Love Yourself Finale

After being fortunate enough to scavenge tickets in September at a PC bang (computer room with high speed internet), I was able to attend...
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Reinvigorated Learning

I’ve sincerely enjoyed my time here so far. It is particularly satisfying for me to be out of school yet still immersed in such...
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Pre-Departure Post

While I am extremely excited and grateful to endure my upcoming study abroad experience I have concerns about my choice to study in Tel...
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Two Weeks of Classical Music

My first weeks here have been full of the most fantastic music! My first day arriving I had a lesson with Walter Seyfarth, a...
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