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Category: Financial Need

So…let’s talk about money

 I don’t even want to say how much I’ve spent in these past two months. It’s…a lot of money. And since I’m studying in...
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Within Reach

Max Sigal, Study Abroad ’18, Northwestern ’20 Integrated Science Program, Chemistry, Biological Sciences When I first entered Northwestern, I never dreamed that I would...
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How can I be so nervous and excited at the same time?

I can not believe that I get this opportunity to go to Mexico City. I have always wanted to travel abroad but it has...
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Sueños Vívidos

I recall my time in Barcelona like a vivid dream I had a couple of months ago. My tan has faded along with clear memories...
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Liberté, Inégalité, Fraternité

Hi. I’m in France. Did you know France has a different society than the United States? Wow. Surprising, right? Sarcasm aside, I’ve recently been...
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