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Category: Argentina

Exploring bits of Argentina

I landed in Buenos Aires on one of the last warm mornings of the summer of 2020. Without knowing that there was a three-week...
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How we went from a “virus” to COVID1984

While in Argentina, each day brought an increasing amount of updates that we could barely foresee the day before. In a sense, it felt...
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Moving to a new country two weeks before a pandemic hits (Coronavirus 1/2)

The news of a spreading virus escalated at an unpredictable pace. I can clearly recall packing for my study abroad experience in late february...
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Choosing a program

When considering study abroad programs, a student’s criteria is vast. Location, languages, housing, cultural gaps. What I found most useful was to find a...
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A Life-Changing Experience

Olena Cruz, Study Abroad ’09, Northwestern ’11 International Studies, Communications Studies, Business Institutions Sometimes the best moments in life are the ones you didn’t...
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