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Category: New Zealand

The North Island–Must Dos and Must Don’ts

University of Otago is located in the ever-magical, outdoorsy, grand South Island of New Zealand. Because of the scenery from the southern alps to...
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Experiential Learning

Thank god the sun was out. It was only 40 degrees and I was standing in knee-high waders in the Leith river trying to...
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Dealing with Summit Fever

It was gusting 30 knots (34 mph, 55.6 kph) and we were standing there on a totally exposed set of stairs leading straight up. Stairs...
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Adult Life: Just Cooking and Cars

What type of car insurance do I buy? How long do I cook chicken breast for? Is it okay to keep eggs in the...
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Do Kiwis Use Mayonnaise?

Don’t go grocery shopping jet lagged. I found that out the hard way when I arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand, my study abroad destination,...
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