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Category: Sustainability

Expect the Unexpected!

No matter how much homework and research I did before leaving for my summer program, nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected situations...
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CNN Reports: China Region(Beijing) Set to Become Deadliest Heat Wave Zone

It’s no secret that Climate Change has been a burning issue for quite sometime, but it is much more prevalent in certain areas, like...
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When I left for South Africa in January, I didn’t expect my friends and family to hear much about the region except for what...
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Lights Out…Indefinitely

Setting the scene: I’m sitting there with my roommate, we’re making dinner, enjoying our meal, laughing, enjoying life until all of a sudden the...
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Wanxiang Fellows Reception & Research Presentations

Although we’re already two and a half weeks into Fall Quarter, last Friday, October 12, marked the official end of the Summer Wanxiang Fellows...
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Welcome to 711

Yousuf Ahmad, China Wanxiang Fellows Program, Summer 2012 妳好! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting- this will be my last post 🙁 but here we...
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