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How can I be so nervous and excited at the same time?

I can not believe that I get this opportunity to go to Mexico City. I have always wanted to travel abroad but it has been too expensive for me as a low income student. Thankfully with Undergraduate Learning Abroad funding most of my tution, I am finally going to leave the country for the first time. I do not know what to expected except for the unexpected. I have been preparing my language skills practicing on Rosetta Stone but I know that nothing will be a substitute for the real thing. I am very nervous about interacting with local people on my own but I know that interacting with as many native spanish speakers as possible is the best way to attain fluency. I have faith that my peers will join me in my quest to fluency by practicing together before we try to practice with native speakers. I am also nervous about the classes I am supposed to take this summer. We have four classes which is a full load and at Northwestern when I had a full load there was not much time for fun outside of school. I hope that we are all encouraged to explore the city and do not get stuck in the day to day of Universidad Panamericana. I have been researching the city online and Mexico City seems breathtaking. It is a huge city of 21 million people. It will be the biggest city for me to ever live in but that fact only makes it more exciting and alluring for me. I am somewhat apprehensive, but I am even more thrilled to see what adventures Mexico City has in store for me.

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