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Letter to my lil bro: Reflection on my experiences

During my stay in Winneba, Ghana, there were many times I felt immersed into the culture.  As an African American whose African heritage has been stripped away, it was extremely beautiful to discover the history of my people; however, there was something in the back of my mind that held me back from a full embrace. I thought about my little brother who has yet to experience and may never experience our culture. I thought about how this experience could help him discover his familial past to inform his present identity. The best and most accurate medium I’m able to convey my thoughts and ideas is through poetry, so I wrote a piece to my brother.

I wish you could know the feeling of fufu sliding down your throat as you swallow it hoping not to choke

I wish you could know the view of the orangey-red setting sun on the palm tree beaches

I wish you could know the traditional African dance competition which our ancestors once practiced

I wish you could know my students and the breathe of fresh air and hope that they give to me

I wish you could know my host family and the mischievous adventures of my papa

I wish you could know my brother Joseph who has the purest of hearts and widest of smiles

I wish you could know the unity of community found here amongst black people

I wish you could experience these things with me but I’m sure you’ll experience them in the right time

Until then, I’ll do my best to tell tales of my time in the motherland. 

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