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Same Person, New Friends


It has been 2 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours and 32 minutes since I first stepped foot in Europe. I have parted ways with my brother but met with the other program students in Berlin. At our introductory dinner, I ordered German Schnitzel, which is essentially just chicken-fried steak with the option to choose a different meat. The other program kids seem fine but what excites me the most is our living quarters. We are staying in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, a traditionally Turkish district which also experienced large avant-garde progression in the 80s. Unlike a Northwestern dormitory, we have kitchens on every floor and a bathroom in each room. What is particularly exciting is the entire building is filled with other American students from other Universities. I recently met two girls from the University of Oregon and University of Virginia. I foresee myself spending the majority of my free time with them and with the other Americans in general as they provide a different and more humble viewpoint when compared to my counterparts. All things considered, I am just happy to have settled in and found friends to enjoy nightlife with!

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