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Tag: Kreuzberg

Same Person, New Friends

  It has been 2 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours and 32 minutes since I first stepped foot in Europe. I have parted ways...
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This Is What "I" Came For (Berlin Remix)

Having pressed the backspace on this post too often already, I’m sorry to start my post this way, but all I can say is...
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Explore Berlin! Follow the ice cream!

I had high hopes for myself before this trip to Berlin. Maybe I’ll become rare wine expert, or a connoisseur of weird cheeses, or...
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Eis Eis Baby

Now that I’m past the halfway mark of the program I’ve begun to look back at what I have done and am planning what...
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Street Food Thursdays!

Time for my first in-country blog post. And what better thing to talk about than… FOOD! The food is incredible here, but the thing...
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Passing Time, Viewing History

Andrew Lee, NU in Berlin, Summer 2014 I have now officially finished my first two weeks of classes abroad in Berlin! I have already...
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