Welcome to Law School!

This week, both residential and online MSL students embarked on their first week of classes. You might be wondering: how do STEM students acclimate to legal studies after undergraduate degrees and/or careers in the sciences? Well, each year, residential* MSL students participate in an intensive on-campus orientation (internally known as Orientation Maximus), which consists of […]

A Behind-the-scenes Glimpse of MSL Online

This fall will see the start of the new MSL Online program, a unique opportunity that brings the rigorous legal training of the residential program to an even wider group of STEM professionals. Though the application process, admissions standards, academic requirements and curriculum will be consistent between the two formats, online education has to be […]

Orientation Week

Hello,你好, hola, hallo!  We are already into our second term (Fall 2) and time is flying. First things first, I want to take a moment to reflect on the infamous first week of law school: orientation week. Orientation week was not just a week full of fun, free food, and tons of Northwestern swag, although […]