NU Law Reporter on the DPELC-MSL Speaker Series

The Northwestern Law Reporter Magazine recently featured an article about the DPELC-MSL Speaker Series. As you may recall from previous blog posts, this speaker series brings in industry professionals–frequently entrepreneurs–who work at the intersection of law, business, and technology. Read the article below or click here for the full issue of the Northwestern Law Reporter. […]

Startup or Business? That is the question.

MSL graduates work across a wide variety of disciplines, from startups to government agencies to large corporations. Many of our students hope to start their own companies or work for existing startups. MSL Alumnus Anirudh recently shared his thoughts on the differences between startups and businesses on Medium, the online publishing platform:   Meet Moosa. Moosa opened […]

Student Spotlight: Naomi

How do students and professionals decide to pursue an MSL degree? What background or experiences make a student a good fit for the program? We’re excited to shed some light on these questions–and many more–through Student Spotlights! Get to know our students and alumni and see why they decided the MSL program was right for them. […]

Brewed by a Goat

Daniel Eichler, a recent graduate of the MSL program, has a unique passion: brewing mead. With a background in Chemistry and a clear love of experimentation, Dan creates innovative flavors of the traditional beverage. Thanks to the MSL program, he has plans to incorporate his hobby into a business! Read on to hear his full story. Background I […]

2017 Convocation

The entire MSL program is still basking in the glow of last Friday’s grand commencement ceremony.  It was a beautiful day, the Chicago theater is a spectacular venue, and everyone was in a festive mood.  The graduation guest speaker was Judge Richard Bernstein from the Michigan Supreme Court; Judge Bernstein delivered a deeply moving and […]

Law Board Panel: Trends in Entrepreneurship

As part of the Northwestern Law Board’s recent biannual meeting, MSL Director Leslie Oster and Donald Pritzker Entrepreneurship Law Center (DPELC) Director Esther Barron organized a panel of entrepreneurs who work at the intersection of law, business, and technology to discuss Trends in Entrepreneurship. This meeting happened to fall on the day of the DPELC […]