The MSL Staff Reflects on Industry Associates Night 2020: Virtual Edition

Industry Associates Night is always one of the biggest MSL events of the year, but this year, the MSL Program hosted the first ever virtual Industry Associates Night on Friday, April 17, 2020. The event featured seven amazing panelists across a variety of industries,  including consulting, privacy, medicine, venture capital, food safety, intellectual property, and […]

Job Search During CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19

Just like everybody else, MSL students are feeling the crush of the current health crisis. One topic that we have received a lot of questions about involves the current state of the job market.  Though there isn’t a lot of concrete information available right now, our Director of Program Development, Shilpa Gokhale, recently compiled some […]

MSL Student Keerti Tadimeti on the Impact of COVID-19 on Underserved Populations in America

“COVID-19 May Have a Disproportionately Heavy Toll on Underserved, At-Risk, and Vulnerable Patient Populations.”   While a vast majority of the U.S. population have started working from home and have emptied stores while stockpiling for social distancing, there’s a large group of underserved communities who aren’t able to do this, and thus are at a […]