MSL Orientation 2020

There’s no doubt about it — the MSL Orientation Week for new students is intense. Because our students have been studying or working mostly in STEM fields, the law is new to them; we use Orientation Week to introduce students to legal terminology and ideas, to a different method of study, and also to a […]

MSL Alumni Profile: Kyle M. Pikula (MSL ’19) Patent Engineer: Life Sciences and Mechanical Engineering, Cardinal Intellectual Property

My work at Cardinal IP focuses on the prior art searching stage of the patent prosecution process; I analyze potential claims of clients’ inventions and explore prior art that may invalidate an invention under 35 U.S.C. §102, Novelty and 35 U.S.C. §103, Non-Obviousness. In short, I use a variety of databases and research tools in an attempt to find, […]

Laurelle Banta (MSL ’18) and NUMiX Materials Win Inaugural U.S. Bank Cleantech Inclusion Award

MSL alumna Laurelle Banta (MSL ’18) (second from right in above picture) came to the MSL program after graduating from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, where she studied mechanical engineering, with a focus on materials and thermodynamics. Laurelle was interested in learning more about intellectual property and how to protect the ideas she was coming […]

Congratulations to the MSL Class of 2020!

The MSL Class of 2020, comprised of nearly 90 residential and online students, has officially graduated! This year’s graduating class was special in more ways than we can count, but a few attributes that make the class unforgettable include their tenacity, resilience, confidence, and camaraderie displayed throughout the program – oh, and completing their degrees […]

MSL Alumni Profile: Angelo Rodriguez (MSL ’18) QA/Compliance Officer at Accugen Laboratories, Inc. and President, Alzheimer’s Spectrum Foundation

As the Quality Assurance/Compliance Officer, my responsibilities include providing strategic leadership related to the compliance program, (including the design and implementation of a strategic compliance operations plan, compliant w/ FDA-(cGLP, cGMP), EPA, ISO & AOAC requirements), identifying training and development opportunities that will assist employees in achieving enhanced performance and/or career objectives, and assuring the […]

MSL Alumna Profile: Janessa Nelson MSL’18, Senior Legal Analyst and Podcast Executive

As Senior Legal Analyst and Podcast Executive at VillageMD, I manage the Legal Operations section of the Legal Department. I primarily oversee transactions, integrations, contract management, outside counsel management, training and podcast production. Since it is a start-up, we all pitch in where needed, and it feels like there is something new every day. I have […]

MSL Alum Erald Minga (MSL ‘19) on The Silver Lining: Four Ways Disruptions Strengthen Organizational Resilience

As we adjust to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and the resulting new normal in our work and home lives, many of us are learning lessons about organizational and professional resilience. In a recent piece posted in Forbes, MSL alumnus, Erald Minga (MSL ‘19), shared his thoughts on practices that can be used to positively […]