Not Your Typical Entrepreneurs: Samara Mejia Hernandez and Benjamin Hernandez

This week’s DPELC-MSL Speaker Series featured Samara Mejia Hernandez and Benjamin Hernandez. Samara is an early stage investor at MATH Venture Partners and Benjamin is the Founder & CEO of NuMat Technologies. Though they are now fixtures in their industries, their personal and professional backgrounds differed from that of a lot of their peers. The […]

Reunion Weekend!

  Northwestern Law School held its 2017 Reunion this past weekend, hosting a record-breaking number of attendees. Over 1000 alumni from 37 states and 9 different countries came to the festivities. For the first time ever, the MSL program held several events for their graduates, including a lunch with current students, a Friday evening reception, […]

5 Career Tips from Amazon’s Legal Team

On Tuesday, the MSL program organized an exclusive Q&A with Michael Deal, Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Accompanied by Julius Chen (Senior Corporate Counsel), Khoury Cooper (Corporate Counsel), and Lauren Stubel (Recruiter), Deal spoke candidly to the MSL students about the inner workings of the company, the need for employees with interdisciplinary […]