UPDATE: MSL Alumnus Steven Hansen – Odin Technologies

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to again write about Steven Hansen‘s (MSL ’18) continued entrepreneurial success. His company, Odin Technologies, won the diagnostics startup track at MedCity INVEST in Chicago in April. You can read all about it in this Yahoo Finance story. Steven has been working to raise funds and advance his product […]

NM Transplant Milestones with MSL Student Eleonora Forte

The MSL program attracts a wide array of professionals, many of whom complete the program part time while working full time. Our part-time students work all over the Chicagoland area (and beyond), and, with the launch of the online program, all over the world!  Recently, two of our local part-time students, Eleonora Forte and Andre Iovane, […]

MSL Alumnus Steven Hansen, Winner of 2018 HealthTECH Startup Competition

Each year, Insight Product Development hosts a HealthTECH Startup competition, which aims to cultivate entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry and connect corporations with early-stage companies. We are proud to congratulate the 2018 1st place winner, Odin Technologies, a company founded by MSL Alumnus Steven Hansen! Odin Technologies is focused on developing a wearable diagnostic device […]

MSL Student Perspectives: Celeste Calhoun-Johnson (MSL’16)

As an accomplished regulatory affairs specialist, Celeste Calhoun-Johnson (MSL ’16) engaged frequently with legal departments, but she wanted to play a more active role in the important conversations with lawyers and other executives. In the MSL program, she learned fundamental aspects of the law that she now uses day-to-day in working with others to analyze […]

MSL Student Perspectives: Angad Verma (MSL ’18)

Angad Verma (MSL ’18) came to the MSL program after studying mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech; looking to leverage his engineering background, Angad sought interdisciplinary skills that would give him career flexibility and make him an asset in any industry. The MSL program allowed him to marry his STEM background with business and legal courses […]