Faculty in the News: Sharon Ayd on Quality Culture and Consent Decrees

  Sharon Ayd is the chief scientific officer and SVP, Pharmaceuticals at Regulatory Compliance Associates. She is also an adjunct professor in the MSL program. Her most recent article, “Managing the Cost of Non-Compliance“, was published in the November 2017 issue of Pharmaceutical Technology and covers the material she developed for her Spring 2017 MSL class Regulatory […]

Olaf Gruess Explains Connected Innovation

The final guest of this semester’s DPELC-MSL Speaker Series was Olaf Gruess, Technology Manager & Global Connector at General Mills. Gruess has over 18 years of experience at the company and currently leads new product development and strategic research initiatives. He is also a big advocate of “Connected Innovation”, a new approach to venture work […]

Improving Access-to-Justice using…Robots?

With its commitment to Law-STEM initiatives, Northwestern Law is steadily addressing a real gap in the market:  most lawyers are not particularly adept with technology, and most of the folks developing new technologies do not understand much about law and regulation.  As our readers probably realize, the Master of Science in Law program is designed […]

Rishi Shah on the Value of Focus

Rishi Shah, Illinois’ newest billionaire, was the guest at the latest DPELC-MSL Speaker Series event. As the CEO and Founder of Outcome Health, Shah made headlines when his startup received the largest single funding round of any Chicago venture-backed company in the past decade. At the Speaker Series, he spoke about his path to becoming […]