Orientation Week: Outside the Classroom

Even with all the important substantive information packed into Orientation Week, we also managed to have some fun in and out of the classroom.

Throughout orientation week, we were responsible for readings before each day–don’t worry, they aren’t that bad.  The readings usually consisted of court cases that we then discussed to flesh out the law. This is the norm in law school, and the MSL students are treated no differently from other law students in this way. To make this process less intimidating and to start learning law and legal terminology in a fun manner, we played a game of Law School Jeopardy. Of course, we were put into groups to play the game and we quickly saw the competitive side of some of our classmates!

“I’ll take law vocabulary for 200 Alex.”

“What’s a legal term that means harmful?”

“What is inimical?”

MSL Students

MSL students participate in the Orientation Week scavenger hunt

To break up the long orientation days, we also participated in a scavenger hunt around the school and city. The students were divided into small groups to go on a hunt to find various locations and earned points for each location we visited. It turns out, this was the perfect way to get us newcomers accustomed to the city, to the school, and to one another. Ultimately, my team—pictured below with the MSL mascot, Rico Suave, won the contest! We earned some great prizes, thus increasing our ever-growing inventory of Northwestern swag.

Beyond the classroom, the Law School was very generous to take the whole student body to multiple events, including a White Sox game and a Northwestern football game.

At the White Sox game at Cellular Field, we were given VIP treatment: we watched the game from a private lounge while enjoying hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches (a Chicago classic) and other ball game classics. White Sox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf, a very successful businessperson and alumnus of Northwestern Law, even stopped by to greet us. Although we did not get to see the World Champions (The Cubs) play, it was exciting to see some of Chicago’s awesome sports legends.


The second game we were invited to attend was a Northwestern Wildcats game. It was the opening game of the season where the Northwestern Wildcats played against Western Michigan. Unfortunately, the Wildcats lost, but we still had fun, and one of our MSL classmates (Erwin!) got to go on the field during a timeout to participate in a contest where he was trying to catch footballs being thrown to him by our law school dean.



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