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One of the companies that has really bought into the value of MSL training is VillageMD, a quickly growing provider of primary care services across the US. VillageMD has hired multiple graduates of the MSL program. In the words of VillageMD General Counsel Wendy Rubas:

“The Northwestern MSLs have a solid grounding in law, so I don’t have to do much translation for them. Yet, because of their diverse STEM backgrounds, they bring outstanding technical skills to the table, including comfort with data, process, and technology. Indeed, now I know that this composition of talent is the way to get truly remarkable results from your legal team.”

Arqam Khan (MSL ’19) is one of the MSL grads working at VillageMD; Arqam recently teamed up with his staff colleagues to prepare an interesting case study detailing the development of a modern policy management system at VillageMD. The case study was published on the Legal Evolution blog, an online publication focused on the changing legal industry. Legal Evolution is run by Professor Bill Henderson, a law faculty member from Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, and a visiting professor at Northwestern Pritzker. Professor Henderson wrote an introduction to the case study, in which he said that the MSL was VillageMD’s “secret weapon.”  See Professor Henderson’s introduction here.

When asked about the case study and his background in the MSL program, Arqam said:

“Recently, I had the honor to publish an article on my work at VillageMD through the Legal Evolution blog, whose editor, Bill Henderson, teaches in the Master of Science in Law and is a strong advocate for the MSL program.  I credit this amazing opportunity to the preparation I received in the MSL program. My courses in healthcare regulation, data management, privacy, and entrepreneurship helped to reshape the way I think and approach problems.  The many events I attended helped me to sharpen my networking skills, which has allowed me to work effectively with VPs and Directors at VillageMD.  Along with my fellow MSL graduates, Janessa Nelson (MSL ’18) and Greg Amenta (MSL ’18), I have been able to use what I learned in the MSL to redesign the VillageMD legal department. The skills I learned in the MSL program have been invaluable to me.” – Arqam Khan (MSL ’19)

Read Arqam’s case study here.

A special thank you to Bill Henderson for teaching the MSL course on Innovation Diffusion in the Legal Industry and for being such a strong supporter of the MSL Program!

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