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A relaxed environment, like it should be


In comparison to what is seen at Northwestern, the school expereince a lot more relaxed does not feel as stressful. While all three classes everyday are 1.5 hours each, the work does not amount to much. Time after class is spent exploring Barcelona and there is no stress to continue studying or finish an insane amount of work. From what I have observed from the Spanish students at the university, they definetly more relaxed and less stressed. Their time is spent with their friends rather than sitting down to study. During the break time while some of us Northwestern students spent our time doing our homework, the Spanish students relaxed in the quad and drank a beer. It was interesting to see how much people cared more about quality time with freinds and how little they stressed about working. The enviornment didn’t feel as competitive and I always looked forward to the amount of free time I had after class to explore the city.


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