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History repeats itself

Learning about the intense history of Bosnia has been heartbreaking and heavy, yet it has allowed me to reflect on my own life and experiences. It has been incredible to see things coming ‘full circle’ for me – by piecing together what I have learned from living in Serbia and Bosnia and interacting with locals in both contexts. It is interesting to see how something like nationalism can connect history all across the globe – from the Balkans, to Germany to even the United States. I feel like my experiences with exploring topics such as the history and culture of the region has allowed me to examine the globe with a broader perspective, which is something that I am very grateful for.

Experiencing all this history and exploring the region with my friends has been amazing. There’s just so much to learn and do here. From scaling the mountains to find remnants of old forts to going white water rafting, I’m honestly having the adventure of a lifetime.

One weekend we travelled to the town of Mostar – which was named after the famous bridge in the core of the town. The route to Mostar was beautiful, but soaking in the beauty of the streets filled with colorful bazaars and boutiques – as well as the blue water and small waterfall – has left me in awe.

Due to the location of Mostar, a lot of us had the amazing opportunity to travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia (or King’s Landing to all the GoT fans). Traipsing through the stone streets, exploring the intricately designed forts, and going sea kayaking at sunset are memories that I will never forget.

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