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Goodbye 美国

Thinking about leaving America for two months straight is a little nerve-wracking. Even though I’ve been out of the country before, this will be for the longest period of time. Being the avid packer that I am, I’ve already started gathering my items. I bought packing cubes for this specific trip because I know there’ll be a lot of souvenirs to bring home. My parents have been pretty relaxed about the entire losing-me-for-two-months concept since I’ve been abroad a summer before already. This time I’ll be traveling alone though, and the idea of sitting on a plane for 13 hours is not exciting. At least I have the window seat so I can sleep.

I’ve completed all my Canvas modules for pre-orientation but I don’t think they give a precise account of what it’ll be like to be in a foreign country. Although a good precautionary measure to know how to handle difficult situations while abroad, I think things will always be different once one is affronted a surprise.

I’m trying to hang out with as many friends as possible before I leave, knowing that they’ll be back in their semester schools once I get back. I still haven’t decided how I’ll spend my entire free month once I get back home. Starting the school year so late in 2018 is a big plus because I’ll have the month of August to recuperate, but I know I’ll be extremely lonely.

Here’s my friend and I hammocking on the lakefill a week before I leave:

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