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Back in the States

It’s only been a couple days since I’ve gotten back and it’s been weird. But, I can say for sure that the jet lag has been terrible. Another thing to note is that I already miss the food even though I really thought I wouldn’t. I had chipotle for lunch today and it made me miss authentic Chinese food so much because I realized it wouldn’t be something I could easily access around Evanston.

There’s so much of study abroad I already miss. I missed going to my classes and looking forward to new adventures every weekend. The only regret from this summer is not having gone to Summer Palace—the weekend of that trip happened to be the same weekend I went to Inner Mongolia.

All in all, this was one of the best experiences of my life. While I understand I can go ahead and travel in the future, it will never be like this where I have such few responsibilities. While I still had classes, I loved that they worked hand in hand with the country I was in. All of the learning I did felt very experimental and while I did spend a good amount of time in classrooms, I was able to get first hand experience of how certain policies were put into place or got first hand experience of how things actually happened.

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