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3rd In Country Blog Post

A day before I left Barcelona, I became a bit pensive and very sad. Reflecting throughout my experiences, I was very fortunate for the opportunity and privilege of studying in another country. I was able to see everything on my pre-departure bucket list plus more. It was definitely an enriching experience as my Spanish skills, both speaking and writing, improved greatly. I am now comfortable speaking to people in Spanish aside from my previous flaws. The intense immersion of studying abroad really allows people to absorb in culture and language. It is definitely one of the best experiences of my life and an experience I will never forget. It sounds very cliche when I describe it, but I truly do mean my words. I will miss the cuisine of Spain a lot as there are many differences with food culture and overall eating. The eating schedule is more laid back and relaxed in the respects that meals aren’t as hefty as American meals. I enjoy that because during my trip, I was working out a lot in the residence gym and it truly allowed me to produce results. In addition, the overall culture of soccer was something I will forever miss. Given that I came during the time of the FIFA World Cup, soccer was definitely an integral aspect of the culture. However, aside from that, the pride of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid fans were something I enjoyed. I don’t think I have seen something like that in Chicago. Overall, I am eternally grateful for this experience.

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