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Long Weekend Already?

Somehow, I feel like I blinked and the first half of this program has passed. I truly can’t believe that it’s already the long break. It was weird to see how quickly and how jam packed each class was. While I felt like classes had just begun, we had already all learned so much content. The last couple of weekends trips have been truly great. One of my favorite excursions thus far has been the acrobatic show. I had a picture in mind of what was to come however, it exceeded all my expectations. There was a point when there were physically 10 girls on one single bicycle. I couldn’t tell if I was more shocked or frightened for their safety. Aside from the trips, I think I have finally adjusted and settled into the program, China, the culture, and language. I can definitely say I feel a lot braver speaking to the locals at restaurants or when asking for directions. Anyways, for the long weekend a bunch of friends and I are headed to Shanghai. Pumped to see what this new city has to offer.

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