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Breaking up with Beijing

After one month spent in Beijing it was time for a break. Not that Beijing is not fun and amusing, but traveling around China is amazing. My friends and I packed our things and got on an overnight train to Shanghai. I have been to Shanghai before, so I took us to my favorite spot just outside of Nanjing Road for the best bowl of noodles ever. As a vibrant city Shanghai is great for shopping, long walks and night clubs.

After Shanghai we took a quick trip to Hangzhou. It is a cute city famous for its West Lake, which used to be Mao’s favorite vacation spot. Hangzhou is a modern time with history, which makes it a perfect destination for travelers looking to experience the best of both worlds.

Finally, we took another ride to the bottom of Huangshan, famously proclaimed one of the most beautiful sceneries in China. We stayed in a village with a very welcoming family. They gave us a lift from the bus stop, prepared noodles for dinner, and a traditional South Chinese breakfast in the morning. Full of energy and great food we took a stroll through the Yellow Mountains.

Our trip back to Beijing was bittersweet. The next day we continued our classes tired but happy.

Breakfast with the local family

My favorite food joint in Shanghai

Yellow Mountains

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