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Schöner Döner

Prior to my actual arriving in Berlin, one aspect that I was incredibly apprehensive was the food that I would have to eat for my time here. After all, all I could think of when the phrase, “German food” came to mind was heavy plates of meat and potatoes coupled with a perhaps comically large mug of beer. The thought of having to eat nothing but carbs for 8 weeks shook me to the core. It’s as if I was already contemplating how I would go about vegetarianism when the program ended. But, to my very pleasant surprise, the food available in Berlin is almost always high quality, amazing and exceptionally diverse. If you were willing to walk a maximum of ten minutes from where we lived at CIEE, you could find currywurst, sushi, Indian food, Vietnamese food, Mexican food, and so many other options, including the “classic” German food if you’re ever in the mood. The food is very affordable and incredibly tasty. But, nothing beats the price, taste, efficiency, and general beauty of a food available everywhere in Berlin: döner.

This meal is a Turkish kebab with meat, vegetables, a little bit of cheese, and sauce, all brought together on a type of pita bread. It is amazing and so readily available almost everywhere for an incredible good price and taste. There is a stand immediately in front of our dorm that has the best döners in Berlin and that’s a claim I’ll proudly stand by. The best döner available in Berlin on paper, however, is from a stand 10 minutes from our dorm at a stand called Mustafa’s. There’s never a hesitation or reason not to get it. Look at the picture and tell me you don’t want to devour that. It’s so good. The food here in Berlin is perhaps one of my most favorite parts and the döner’s existence has a lot to do with that.

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