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Berlin is so fabulous and gay!

Hey People!

It’s been some weeks that I came to Berlin and it’s been an exciting adventure! In this blog entry I am going to share with you my crazy experience with Berlin’s gay pride, or, as they call it “the Christopher Street day”. First of all, let me start with saying that since I came here I noticed Berlin was a very liberal city. Just look at these pictures, taken weeks before the pride.

People seem to be very supportive of the cause here!

On the pride day I woke up a bit late, but I still managed to join the parade at Wittenbergplatz, only a few hundreds of meters from the parade’s starting point. Pop music was blasting loud on the speakers and everyone was just carelessly dancing and drinking wine or beer. Everyone was having so much fun and the world seemed to be a better place, even just for a moment :). It was all very liberal, open and overwhelming. Indeed, it suddenly started to rain heavily and in the beginning all the people were like “yay, let’s dance in the rain, fun #yolo”… but 5 minutes later they were all “crying”, hiding from the rain under the roof of a grocery store, haha.  I was one of them. I was soaking wet as I was trying to use my wet phone (uselessly) a couple in their early 30s approached and offered to help me and dried my phone for me. We started talking and soon afterwards they invited me for a beer and asked me whether I wanted to join them for a party later that night. They even got me their extra tickets for free! People from Berlin are so nice and friendly. My new friends and I marched through the Tiergarten towards the final point that was the square in front of the Brandenburg gate. It wouldn’t be Berlin, if an event didn’t end up in a huge party with a lot of music and beer!

I have been enjoying myself so much so far! My Humboldt classes start soon so let’s see what Berlin has to offer me next! 🙂

Berlin truly is a paradise!

Those kind of posters were very common in Berlin – even one month after the pride!

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