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Fall 2020 Group Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held through Zoom at 6:30 PM on the following Tuesdays.
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Group business followed by a formal talk of about an hour with an emphasis on background for the benefit of the visiting first-year students. Overview talks outline the history and background of a project or a subgroup, followed by recent results. Our group virtual open house on September 22 provides an opportunity for first-year students to meet all current group members and discuss research projects.

September 15 Olefin Polymerization (Yanshan Gao)



 22 Virtual Open House
  29 Organic semiconductors for opto-electronics (Antonio Facchetti)
October 6 Supported Organometallics/Heterogeneous (Jiaqi Li)
  13 Field-effect transistors (Wei Huang)



20 Lanthanide Catalysis/Hydroelementation (Jake Rothbaum)
  27 Organic Solar Cells: Materials Synthesis/Characterization and Device Fabrication/Characterization (Guoping Li)
November 3 Metal oxide semiconductor (Aritra Sil)
  10 Flexible/Stretchable Electronics (Jianhua Chen)
  17 CISTAR (Allison Arinaga)
  24 Thanksgiving Break – No Meeting

A-Team Meetings
Meetings are held via Zoom at 2:00 PM on Wednesdays.


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The format will continue to be a 60 minute chalk talk, with new group members encouraged to ask for additional background as needed to better understand the primary goals of your research.

September 23 Sol
  30 Alex
October 7 Yiqi
  14 Yang
  21 Yosi
  28 Rachel
November 4 Cole
  11 Carter
  18 No Meeting
  25 No Meeting (Thanksgiving Break)

Solid State Lunch
Speakers should concentrate on recent results of individual research projects. Meetings will be via Zoom at 12:00 PM on the following Thursdays. You are welcome to bring a lunch.

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September  24 Anushka
October 1 Yao Chen
  8 Brendan
  15 Ning Su
  22 Gang
  20 Robert
November 5 Xiaohua
  12 Liang-wen
  19 Dan
  26 Thanksgiving Break (No Meeting)