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Never Completely at Home Again

Upon arriving to America a few weeks ago, there were several thoughts floating in my mind. Angst for impending school, excitement to eat comfort...
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The Last Week

During our last week in Sarajevo, which covered learning about the work of the nonprofit Wings of Hope in providing mental health care services...
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Transitioning from Belgrade to Sarajevo

The unique aspect of the NU in Serbia and BiH program is in fact that students get to live and study abroad in two...
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Protruding Pieces of Concrete can be Beautiful

Belgrade is an odd city— while walking the streets, you can find historical sites nestled next to new, more modern structures. From when I...
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Arrival to Belgrade, Serbia

About twenty-four hours ago, I was on a plane traveling to Belgrade, Serbia through a layover in Zurich, Switzerland. Now having arrived in Belgrade...
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