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Reflections on Study Abroad


Students on a rope bridge in a GESI program


In Northwestern and GESI programs, students study abroad with a cohort of NU students. In Exchange programs, students enroll directly at the local university. Affiliated programs are run by other providers or universities; program structures vary. Learn from students’ experiences in the program type you’re considering.

Program Blog Posts


Northwestern students choose from study abroad programs in 50 countries around the world, and each location offers its own rich cultures, traditions, languages, and histories. Explore students’ experiences in the locations you are considering to learn more about daily life abroad.

Location Blog Posts

Australia landscape
Northwestern students studying abroad in China


Students in all six undergraduate schools and colleges at Northwestern study abroad. Sort blog posts by major or discipline to learn more about how students in your program have experienced study abroad. Read alumni blog posts to learn how study abroad advances academic and career opportunities.

Career Blog Posts


Study abroad entails academic as well as cultural experiences as students immerse themselves in the host country and explore different food, art, politics, social life, and more. Read students’ reflections on everything from daily life to deep cultural history to weekend travel excursions.

Culture Blog Posts

Street in China
Northwestern students studying abroad in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina


As you explore your study abroad options, you’ll want to consider aspects of your identity and how these may be perceived and treated in your host culture. Read students’ reflections about how their identity and their study abroad experiences have intersected in powerful ways.

Identity Blog Posts

Featured Posts

Food in Australia is Surprisingly Good

I am an avid foodie, meaning that I spend ~almost~ as much time on deciding which quaint cafe or gourmet dining location to visit...
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Navigating Singlish as an English-speaking foreigner

While several of my exchange student friends have noted that one of their main reasons for choosing Singapore as their study abroad destination is...
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Volcanoes of Language

Everyday in Guatemala there are not only real life erupting volcanoes, but volcanoes in my mind. There is so much unknown that I anticipate...
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A Hanoi Welcome!

The air outside of the Hanoi airport felt like a sauna. As we moved farther from the airport air we had grown accustomed to...
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Cats and ’Cats Abroad

Andrea Biancalana, Study Abroad ’17, Northwestern ’19 Biological Sciences, Spanish When I first began choosing a study abroad program, I was entirely focused on...
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Opposite Ends of the Same Spectrum

Caleb Han, Study Abroad ’15 & ’18, Northwestern ’19 M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering B.S. Industrial Engineering & Psychology Coming into Northwestern, study abroad...
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