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Hear from Wildcats all around the world as they study in foreign universities, conduct research, volunteer, work in internships, improve their language skills, meet new friends, and bond with host families. Sort blog posts by location, program, major, cultural activity, or identity to learn about specific aspects of students’ study abroad experiences.

Each student’s study abroad experience is unique; the blog posts on this website are not intended to be a comprehensive source of information about studying in a particular program or location. However, we hope this will be a helpful resource as you consider program options and prepare for your own study abroad journey.

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Dealing with Summit Fever

It was gusting 30 knots (34 mph, 55.6 kph) and we were standing there on a totally exposed set of stairs leading straight up. Stairs...
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A Place to Call Home? Exploring African American identity in Ghana

Every time I walk to the Challenging Heights School in Winneba, there is a group of children that shout with excitement to see me....
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So…let’s talk about money

 I don’t even want to say how much I’ve spent in these past two months. It’s…a lot of money. And since I’m studying in...
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Volcanoes of Language

Everyday in Guatemala there are not only real life erupting volcanoes, but volcanoes in my mind. There is so much unknown that I anticipate...
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Opposite Ends of the Same Spectrum

Caleb Han, Study Abroad ’15 & ’18, Northwestern ’19 M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering B.S. Industrial Engineering & Psychology Coming into Northwestern, study abroad...
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Observation of Orthopedic Surgery

Today, one of my classmates and I had the incredible opportunity to observe two orthopedic surgeries at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.  The first...
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Cats and ’Cats Abroad

Andrea Biancalana, Study Abroad ’17, Northwestern ’19 Biological Sciences, Spanish When I first began choosing a study abroad program, I was entirely focused on...
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Food in Australia is Surprisingly Good

I am an avid foodie, meaning that I spend ~almost~ as much time on deciding which quaint cafe or gourmet dining location to visit...
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Cafe Hopping

Korea is known for its aesthetic and themed cafes, so I frequented them over my semester abroad. A lot I visited for birthday events,...
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Please note that all blog posts on the Study Abroad Student Blogs website are students’ unfiltered feedback. The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the student authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Northwestern University.