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Information Regarding Travel Awards from Northwestern

Your institution’s NRT program has built-in funding to send participants to the annual meeting. Participants whose travel is covered by their home institution can disregard the following information.

If your PI identified you as an additional 2019 meeting participant (beyond those funded by home institution NRT programs), and you successfully applied for travel funding, you will be reimbursed for your travel by Northwestern University.

Travel awards are only available to be paid to individual travelers for their own out-of-pocket expenses, in the form of reimbursement after the conference. No funds can be provided in advance. No institutions or individuals can be reimbursed for group travel expenses. See detailed instructions below.

Costs to be Covered by Northwestern Travel Awards

  • Round-trip airfare, up to the per person limit (or mileage + parking if driving)
  • Two hotel nights + taxes at the group rate
  • Additional allowable travel expenses, such as ground transportation and baggage check fees, up to the per person limit
  • Per diem (excluding meals provided at the meeting) if the per person limit allows

Please travel frugally, as costs will be covered only as far as the budget allows. Thank you.

Reimbursement Instructions for Participants

  1. FLIGHTS – Email a PDF of your paid airfare receipt immediately after booking to Katherine Lamb. Your airfare documentation must be a paid receipt. Reservation confirmations will not be accepted. Final deadline for submission of flight receipts August 27, 2019. Airfare receipts must include:
    • Total cost paid,
    • Your name,
    • Dates of travel.
  2. HOTEL – Book your hotel at the group rate by the deadline. After check-out, request an invoice. The hotel invoice must show:
    • Your bill has been paid,
    • Your name,
    • Dates of stay.
  3. SHARING HOTEL ROOMS – If you share a hotel room, there a few additional things to keep in mind:
    • If your hotel handles the cost-split, ensure that your name is on the invoice for your portion.
    • If your roommate pays for the entire bill and you reimburse that individual for your portion, you must provide both (1) the invoice for the room and (2) documentation that you paid your portion of the bill to your roommate (i.e., a Venmo or PayPal receipt showing the amount paid and to whom).
  4. RECEIPTS – Receipts are required for reimbursement (up to the per person limit) for hotel nights, ground transportation, and baggage check fees.
  5. MEALS – If the per person limit allows, you will receive per diem, excluding meals provided at the meeting. Individual meals cannot be reimbursed.
  6. FORMS – Each individual participant will sign a reimbursement form in person on the morning of September 27.
  7. DEADLINE – After the meeting, all receipts other than airfare must be submitted as a single PDF attachment to Deadline October 14, 2019.

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