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All poster sessions take place on Floor 2: Northwestern Room.
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Poster Set-up
Presentation Session
Session 1: Thursday, September 26 8:30 – 9:10 am 10:15 – 11:00 am 11:00 – 11:15 am
Session 2: Thursday, September 26 1:15 – 1:30 pm 3:00 – 3:45 pm 3:45 – 5:15 pm
Session 3: Friday, September 27 8:30 – 9:10 am 10:30 – 11:15 am Before 2:00 pm







Arizona State University Citizen-Centered Smart Cities and Smart Living 1 123
Northern Arizona University T3 Program in Ecological & Environmental Informatics 2 201
University of Arizona Indige-FEWSS: Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Security and Sovereignty 3 309


San Francisco State University, Estuary & Ocean Science Center RIPTIDES: Research Intensive Pedagogical Training of InterDisciplinary Estuarine Scientists 1 124
Stanford University NeuroTech 2 202
UC Riverside Plants-3D 3 308
UCLA INFEWS: Integrated Urban Solutions For Food, Energy, and Water Management 1 102
MENTOR: Modeling and Understanding Human Behavior: Harnessing Data from Genes to Social Networks 2 216
University of California, Berkeley DS421: Data Sciences for the 21st Century: Environment and Society 1 109
InFEWS: Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems 2 210
University of California, Davis Sustainable Oceans – From Policy to Science to Decisions 3 304
University of California, Irvine MAPS: Machine Learning and Physical Sciences 3 316
R2R: Ridge to Reef 1 117
University of California, Merced Intelligent Adaptive Systems 2 221
University of California, Riverside NICE: NRT for Integrated Computational Entomology 3 321


Colorado State University GAUSSI: Generating, Analyzing, and Understanding Sensory and Sequencing Information 1 103
InTERFEWS: Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems 2 203


University of Connecticut SLAC: Science of Learning & Art of Communication 3 310


University of South Florida Strong Coasts: Systems Thinking Training for Research ON Geography-based Coastal Food Energy Water Systems 1 104


Georgia Institute of Technology ARMS: Accessibility, Rehabilitation, and Movement Science: An Interdisciplinary Traineeship Program in Human-Centered Robotics 2 204
University of Georgia IDEAS: Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales 3 311


Northwestern University IDEAS: Integrated Data-driven Discovery in Earth & Astrophysical Sciences 1 101
University of Chicago Computational Training for the Energy and Environmental Sciences 2 208
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Miniature Brain Machinery 2 224


Indiana University Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems 1 105
Purdue University SFEWS: Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems 2 209


Iowa State University DataFEWSion: Innovations at the Nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy and Water Quality in the Midwest 3 313
P3: Predictive Plant Phenomics 1 106
University of Iowa Sustainable Water Development 2 211
University of Northern Iowa Center for Social and Behavioral Research IMPACTS: Integrated training Model in Plant And Compu-Tational Sciences 3 314


Kansas State University R3: Rural Resource Resiliency 1 107


University of Kentucky IN FElloWS & an Academy of Innovators at the Nexus of Food, Energy & Water Systems 3 315


University of Maine Enhancing Conservation Science 1 108


University of Maryland COMBINE: Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks 2 212
Flexibility in Language Processes and Technology: Human- and Global-Scale 3 305
Global STEWARDS: STEM Training at the Nexus of Energy, WAter Reuse and FooD Systems 1 110


Boston University Understanding the Brain: Neurophotonics 2 213
URBAN: Boston University Graduate Program in Urban Biogeoscience & Environmental Health 3 317
University of Massachusetts, Amherst SMLS-NRT: Soft Materials for Life Sciences 1 111


Michigan State University IMPACTS: Integrated training Model in Plant And Compu-Tational Sciences 2 224

Wayne State University T-RUST: Transformative Research in Urban Sustainability and Training 2 214


University of Minnesota Sensory Science: Optimizing the Information for Mind and Brain 3 318


University of Southern Mississippi INTERFACE: Training Next-Generation Scientists with Experimental, Theoretical, and Computational Competencies for Complex Interfaces 1 112


University of Montana UM BRIDGES: Graduate Training at the Food-Energy-Water Nexus 2 215


University of Nebraska, Lincoln NRT-INFEWS: Training in Theory and Application of Cross-scale Resilience in Agriculturally Dominated Social Ecological Systems 3 306

New Jersey

Rutgers University C2R2: Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative 1 113

New York

Stony Brook University STRIDE: Science Training and Research to Inform Decisions 2 207
Syracuse University EMPOWER: Education Model Program on Water-Energy Research 3 319
University of Rochester Graduate Training in Data-Enabled Research into Human Behavior and its Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms 1 114

North Carolina

Duke University IBIEM: Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes 2 217
North Carolina A&T State University IS4Good: Improving Strategies For Hunger Relief and Food Security Through Computational Data Science 3 320
North Carolina Central University SEAS: Data-Enabled Science and Engineering of Atomic Structure 1 118
North Carolina State University AgBioFEWS: Agricultural Biotechnology In Our Evolving Food, Energy, and Water Systems 2 218


University of Oklahoma EOS3: Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (Aeroecology as a Test-bed for Interdisciplinary STEM Training) 3 322


Oregon State University Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Marine Science 1 119


Penn State University CoMET: The Computational Materials Education and Training Program 2 219
LandscapeU 3 307

South Carolina

Clemson University RIES: Resilient Infrastructure and Environmental Systems 1 120
THINKER: Technology-Human Integrated Knowledge Education and Research 2 220

South Dakota

Dakota State University Cyber-Physical-Social System for Understanding and Thwarting the Illicit Economy 3 323
DigForCE Lab: Digital Forensics for Cyber Enforcement 1 115
University of South Dakota USD-N3: Neuroscience, Nanotechnology & Networks Program 2 222


Rice University A Bioelectronics Incubator for Training Students (BITS) at the Cell/Material Interface 3 324
Texas A&M University D3EM: Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials 1 116
University of Texas, Austin INFEWS Scholar Program: Innovation at the Nexus of Food-Energy-Water Systems 2 206


Utah State University Grad-CAREER: Graduate Climate Adaptation Research that Enhances Education and Responsiveness of science at the management-policy interface 3 303


University of Vermont QuEST: The Quantitative and Evolutionary STEM Training Program 1 121


University of Virginia A Graduate Traineeship in Cyber-Physical Systems 2 223
Virginia Tech DRRM: Disaster Resilience and Risk Management 3 302
UrbComp: Urban Computing 1 122


University of Washington DIRECT: Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Technologies 2 205


University of Wisconsin, Madison LUCID: Learning, Understanding, Cognition, Information, Data Science 3 301

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