Apart from Wednesday’s event, all meeting sessions take place at Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive. Proceed to Floor 2. 

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Venue Floorplan Maps: Norris Floor 1 | Norris Floor 2
Ready-to-Print PDF Files: Thursday | Friday

Day 1
Wednesday, September 25
5:00 –
8:00 pm
Open House Networking Event & Check-in
Newly Awarded 2019 NRT Programs will be Featured
Farmhouse Restaurant, 703 Church St.
Cash bar & heavy hors-d’oeuvre
Day 2
Thursday, September 26 – Printable PDF
8:30 am Breakfast (Floor 2: Louis Room)
9:15 am Welcoming Remarks (Floor 2: Louis Room)
Vicky Kalogera, IDEAS PI, Northwestern University
Michelle Paulsen, IDEAS Project Coordinator, Northwestern University
NSF Program Officers
10:15 am Coffee Break
Poster Session 1 (Floor 2: Northwestern Room)
Poster Sessions | Poster Instructions
11:15 am Panel Discussions
See the Panels page for moderators and presenters.
Panel Sessions will run for one hour. There will be six concurrent sessions, with 3-5 panelists selected for each.

  1. Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Trainee Cohorts (Floor 2: Armadillo Room)
  2. Measuring, Evaluating, and Reporting Impact (Floor 2: Lake Room)
  3. Forming a Collaborative, Transdisciplinary Learning Community (Floor 2: Louis Room)
  4. Developing Internships & Industry Partnerships (Floor 1: Wildcat Room)
  5. Steps Toward Sustainability & Expansion Beyond NSF Funding (Floor 2: Arch Room)
  6. “IDEAS for Science Communication” – Register to beta-test an on-line course developed with an NRT Supplemental Funding Grant (Floor 1: Evans Room)
12:15 pm Working Lunch (Floor 2: Louis Room)
Conversations with Attendees from each Panel Session
1:30 pm Lightning Talks
See the Lightning Talks page for presenters’ names.
Lightning talks will be 10 minutes each (7 minute presentations + 3 minutes for questions). After the first 60 minutes (6 presentations), there will be 30 minutes for group discussion.

  1. Development of Trainee Leadership Skills (Floor 2: Armadillo Room)
  2. Improving Teaching & Learning of Science Communication (Floor 1: Wildcat Room)
  3. Effective Ways to Prepare Trainees for Success in Industry & Academia (Floor 2: Lake Room)
  4. Program Measurement & Evaluation Approaches (Floor 2: Rock Room)
  5. What I Know Now that I Wish I Knew Then: Lessons from PIs (Floor 2: Arch Room)
  6. Increasing Retention of Underrepresented Trainees (Floor 1: Evans Room)
3:00 pm Coffee Break
Poster Session 2 (Floor 2: Northwestern Room)
Poster Sessions | Poster Instructions
3:45 – 5:00 pm “Birds of a Feather”
Focused discussions and planning for Friday’s Workshopping Opportunity
Faculty session, led by Sybil Sharvelle (Floor 2: Louis Room South)
Staff session, led by Aaron Akers (Floor 2: Louis Room North)
Evaluators session, led by Cheryl Schwab (Floor 1: Evans Room)
4:00 – 6:00 pm Graduate Student Event: Astronomy on Tap & “Kahoot!”: A Demonstration of a CIERA Outreach Program
Evanston Pub, 1601 Sherman Ave.
Drink tickets & heavy hors-d’oeuvre
This event is sponsored by CIERA at Northwestern University. Learn more about Astronomy on Tap, Astronomy on Tap – Chicago, and Kahoot!.
5:00 – 7:00 pm Dinner on Your Own
Where to Eat in Downtown Evanston
Doors Open: 7:30 pm

Program Begins: 8:00 pm

Dessert & Plenary Event: Science in Pop Culture: A Conversation with Eli Attie (Norris McCormick Auditorium)

Eli Attie is an Emmy-winning television writer and former political operative.  He was Vice President Al Gore’s chief speechwriter, and a longtime writer and producer of both Fox-TV’s “House, MD” and NBC-TV’s “The West Wing.”

Day 3
Friday, September 27 – Printable PDF
8:30 – 9:15am Breakfast (Floor 2: Louis Room)
Themed Table Discussions
Special Table Assigned to Workshopping Session Leaders
9:30 am Workshopping Opportunities – Topics were collected Day 2
Recruitment of URMs  + how do we evaluate diversity beyond percentages? (Floor 2: Louis Room)
Buy-in (3 linked aspects) – Faculty overloads, Students, and Institutional (long-term sustainability) (Floor 2: Lake Room)
Communicating social media (Floor 2: Rock Room)
Resources (e.g., for unfunded trainees, faculty) (Floor 2: Arch Room)
How do we guide coordinators to prepare the needed flexibility of the role (Floor 1: Wildcat Room)
How do we provide professional development to support overcoming challenges inherent to large, interdisciplinary teams (Floor 1: Evans Room)
10:30 am Coffee Break
Poster Session 3 (Floor 2: Northwestern Room)
Poster Sessions | Poster Instructions
11:15 am Evaluation (Floor 2: Louis Room)
Workshop Sessions Report
Closing Remarks
12:15 pm Group Photo
12:30 pm Box Lunches – can be taken to go (Floor 2: Louis Room Lobby)

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