NRT GROUP296 Confirmed Participants as of September 25, 2019

    • 112 Faculty (65 PIs, 34 Co-Is, 13 non-PIs)
    • 97 Graduate Students
    • 62 Staff
    • 25 Evaluators







Auburn University Climate Resiliency through Data informed Decision Making Karen McNeal PI


Arizona State University Citizen-Centered Smart Cities and Smart Living Troy McDaniel Co-PI
Ding Ding Zheng Program Staff
Lisa Kaczmarczyk PhD Consulting, LLC Lisa Kaczmarczyk* Evaluator
Northern Arizona University T3 Program in Ecological & Environmental Informatics Rohan David Boone Graduate Student
Kiona Ogle PI
Kimberly Samuels-Crow Program Staff
University of Arizona Indige-FEWSS: Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Security and Sovereignty Quentin Benally* Graduate Student
Manuelito Chief Graduate Student
Cara Duncan Program Staff
Kelly Simmons-Potter Senior Personnel
Marisa Gonzalez* Graduate Student
Diné College – Land Grant Office Bryan Neztsosie* Program Staff


San Francisco State University, Estuary & Ocean Science Center RIPTIDES: Research Intensive Pedagogical Training of InterDisciplinary Estuarine Scientists William Cochlan Co-PI
Austin Gearty Graduate Student
Andrew Grillo-Hill* Evaluator
Karina Nielsen PI
Stanford University NeuroTech Elise Kleeman Program Staff
UC Berkeley DS421: Data Sciences for the 21st Century: Environment and Society Millie Chapman* Graduate Student
Heather Constable Program Staff
Jenny Rempel* Graduate Student
Cheryl Schwab* Evaluator
Cathleen Simons Evaluator
Sam Stein* Graduate Student
Katherine Wolf* Graduate Student
Michelle Yu* Graduate Student
InFEWS: Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems Alice Agogino PI
Paige Balcom Graduate Student
Soliver Ché Fusi Graduate Student
Yael Perez Program Staff
Matthew Potts Co-PI
UC Davis Sustainable Oceans – From Policy to Science to Decisions Pernille Sporon Boving Program Staff
James Sanchirico PI
UC Irvine MAPS: Machine Learning and Physical Sciences Shane Coffield Graduate Student
Matt Laffi Graduate Student
Padhraic Smyth PI
R2R: Ridge to Reef Steven Allison PI
Dianalaura Cueto Duenas* Graduate Student
Robert Fofrich Graduate Student
Michelle Herrera* Graduate Student
Courtney Hunt Program Staff
Xinyu Li* Graduate Student
Annie Rohrbacher* Graduate Student
SmartStart Evaluation and Research Carly Raasch* Evaluator
UCLA INFEWS: Integrated Urban Solutions For Food, Energy, and Water Management Kartik Jha* Evaluator
MENTOR: Modeling and Understanding Human Behavior: Harnessing Data from Genes to Social Networks Andrea Bertozzi PI
Alec Chiu* Graduate Student
Madelen Hem Program Staff
David Soobin Lee* Graduate Student
Jacob Moorman* Graduate Student
Tommer Schwarz* Graduate Student
Wei Wang PI
Ruthie Johnson* Graduate Student
UC Merced Intelligent Adaptive Systems Ramesh Balasubramaniam PI
Ket Garg* Graduate Student
Shayna Bennett* Graduate Student
UC Riverside NICE: NRT for Integrated Computational Entomology Christian Shelton Co-PI
Plants-3D Julia Bailey-Serres PI


Colorado State University GAUSSI: Generating, Analyzing, and Understanding Sensory and Sequencing Information Thomas Chen PI
Charlotte Cialek* Graduate Student
Richard Feller* Faculty (non-PI)
Kate Sherrill Program Staff
InTERFEWS: Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems Beth Plombon Program Staff
Sybil Sharvelle PI
Vincent Evaluation Consulting Shirley Vincent Evaluator


University of Connecticut SLAC: Science of Learning & Art of Communication Brittney Hernandez Graduate Student
James Magnuson PI
Betsy McCoach Evaluator
Ashley Parker Graduate Student


Florida A&M University INFEWS Gang Chen Co-PI

Aavudai Swamy PI

University of South Florida Strong Coasts: Systems Thinking Training for Research ON Geography-based Coastal Food Energy Water Systems Christy Prouty Program Staff
Maya Trotz PI


Georgia Institute of Technology ARMS: Accessibility, Rehabilitation, and Movement Science: An Interdisciplinary Traineeship Program in Human-Centered Robotics Lizanne DeStefano Evaluator
Toccara  Houston* Program Staff
Dean Molinaro* Graduate Student
Ben Shafer* Graduate Student
University of Georgia IDEAS: Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales Race Mercaldo* Graduate Student
Nikki Solano Graduate Student
Deven Gokhale* Graduate Student


Northwestern University IDEAS: Integrated Data-driven Discovery in Earth & Astrophysical Sciences Eve Chase Graduate Student
Alex Gurvich Graduate Student
Vicky Kalogera PI
Michael Katz Graduate Student
Michelle Paulsen Program Staff
Alexandria Romasanta Program Staff
Michael Schmitt Co-PI
JaCoya Thompson Graduate Student
Lois Trautvetter Co-PI
Suzan van der Lee Co-PI
Sadie Witkowski Program Staff
SmartStart Evaluation and Research Jessica Martone* Evaluator
University of Chicago Computational Training for the Energy and Environmental Sciences James Franke Graduate Student
Liz Moyer PI
Seth Severns Program Staff
Rahul Subramanian Graduate Student
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign DIGI-MAT (Data and Informatics Graduate Intern-traineeship: Materials at the Atomic Scale) Harley Johnson PI
Miniature Brain Machinery Martha Gillette PI
Lauren C Grant* Graduate Student
Hyunjoon Kong Co-PI
Anne (Sofya) McKinney Program Staff


Indiana University Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems Patrick Kaminski* Graduate Student
Sam Migirditch Graduate Student
Luis Rocha PI
Olga Scrivner Evaluator
Purdue University SFEWS: Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems Rakesh Agrawal PI
Peter Bermel* Co-PI
Melissa  LaGuire Program Staff
Margaret Gitau* Co-PI


Iowa State University DataFEWSion: Innovations at the Nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy and Water Quality in the Midwest Cynthia Lidtke Program Staff
Gina Nichols Graduate Student
Sarah Ryan PI
P3: Predictive Plant Phenomics Nicole Scott* Program Staff
Paul Villanueva Graduate Student
Julie Dickerson PI
University of Iowa Sustainable Water Development Jessica Ayers Graduate Student
David Cwiertny PI
Valerie Decker Evaluator
Humberto Gonzalez-Ribot Graduate Student
Blake Rupe Program Staff
Rachel Smoak Graduate Student
Lindsay Otto Graduate Student
University of Northern Iowa IMPACTS: Integrated training Model in Plant And Compu-Tational Sciences Megan Ruxton Evaluator
P3: Predictive Plant Phenomics Mary Losch Evaluator


Kansas State University R3: Rural Resource Resiliency Melanie Derby PI
Stephen Lauer Graduate Student

University of Kansas
NRT-HDR: Internet of Catalysis – Harnessing Data Science for Catalyst Design Kevin Leonard PI


University of Kentucky IN FElloWS & an Academy of Innovators at the Nexus of Food, Energy & Water Systems Mark Crocker PI


University of Maine Enhancing Conservation Science Aram Calhoun* Co-PI
Sandra De Urioste-Stone PI
Lydia Horne* Graduate Student
Sabrina Morano* Program Staff
Linda Silka* Co-PI
One Health and the Environment Mario Teisl PI


University of Maryland COMBINE and Global STEWARDS Gili Marbach-AD* Evaluator
COMBINE: Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks Michelle Girvan PI
Daniel Serrano* Program Staff
Anshuman Swain Graduate Student
Flexibility in Language Processes and Technology: Human- and Global-Scale Allie Johnson Graduate Student
Shevaun Lewis Program Staff
Colin Phillips PI
Global STEWARDS: STEM Training at the Nexus of Energy, WAter Reuse and FooD Systems Rianna Murray Program Staff
ICARE: Broadening Participation Across the Environmental Sciences in Baltimore Harbor Colleen Burge Co-PI


Boston University Understanding the Brain: Neurophotonics Thomas Bifano PI
Kaitlyn Dorst Graduate Student
Helen Fawcett Program Staff
Davis Square Research Associates, LLC Russell Faux Evaluator
URBAN: Boston University Graduate Program in Urban Biogeoscience & Environmental Health Lucy Hutyra Co-PI
Evan Kuras Program Staff
Laura Schifman Program Staff
University of Massachusetts, Amherst SMLS-NRT: Soft Materials for Life Sciences Kenneth Carter PI
Greg Tew Co-PI
Hazel Davis* Graduate Student
Worcester Polytechnic Institute NRT-FW-HTF: Robotic Interfaces and Assistants for the Future of Work Cagdas Onal PI


Michigan State University IMPACTS: Integrated training Model in Plant And Compu-Tational Sciences Jyothi Kumar* Program Staff
Tammy Long* Co-PI
Wayne State University T-RUST: Transformative Research in Urban Sustainability and Training Donna Kashian PI
Megan Wallen* Program Staff
Ingrid Guerra-Lopez Co-PI


University of Minnesota Data Science in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Vuk Mandic PI

Sensory Science: Optimizing the Information for Mind and Brain Liz Anderson Program Staff
Daniel Guest* Graduate Student
Victoria Interrante PI
Kate LaVelle Evaluator
Gerardo Rodriguez-Orellana* Graduate Student
Caitlin Sisk* Graduate Student


University of Southern Mississippi INTERFACE: Training Next-Generation Scientists with Experimental, Theoretical, and Computational Competencies for Complex Interfaces Yetunde Adewunmi* Graduate Student
Sarah Morgan Co-PI
Kelli Stockmal* Graduate Student
Kim Wingo Program Staff
Derek Patton PI


University of Montana UM BRIDGES: Graduate Training at the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Joe Vanderwall Graduate Student
Andrew Wilcox Co-PI


University of Nebraska, Lincoln NRT-INFEWS: Training in Theory and Application of Cross-scale Resilience in Agriculturally Dominated Social Ecological Systems Conor Barnes* Graduate Student
Jazmin Castillo* Graduate Student
Julie Fowler* Graduate Student
Katharine Hogan* Graduate Student
Daniel Rico* Graduate Student
Nancy Shank Co-PI
Lyndsie Wszola* Graduate Student

New Jersey

Rutgers University C2R2: Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative Carrie Ferraro Program Staff
Sean Thatcher* Graduate Student
The Program Evaluation Group, LLC Sally L. Bond* Evaluator

New York

Cornell University Digital Plant Science Mike Scanlon PI
New York University FUTURE: Foundations, Translations and Responsibility for Data Science Impact Julia Kempe PI
Stony Brook University STRIDE: Science Training and Research to Inform DEcisions Robert Harrison PI
Rachael Herman Graduate Student
Thomas Woodson* Faculty (non-PI)
Jennifer McCauley Program Staff
QuADS: Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Structures Surita Bhatia PI
Syracuse University EMPOWER: Education Model Program on Water-Energy Research Ruta Basijokaite Graduate Student
Julianne Davis Graduate Student
Chris Johnson* Faculty (non-PI)
Christa Kelleher* Faculty (non-PI)
Laura Lautz PI
Annie Pennella* Program Staff
Hezel Associates Tashera Bolds* Evaluator
University of Rochester Graduate Training in Data-Enabled Research into Human Behavior and its Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms Daryl Bagley* Graduate Student
Greg DeAngelis Co-PI
Lane Lawley Graduate Student
Ying Lin Graduate Student
NRT-HDR: Interdisciplinary Graduate Training in the Science, Technology, and Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality Mujdat Cetin PI

North Carolina

Duke University IBIEM: Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes Claudia Gunsch PI
Glenda Kelly Evaluator
Paige Varner* Graduate Student
North Carolina A&T State University Scott Harrison* Faculty (non-PI)
IS4Good: Improving Strategies For Hunger Relief and Food Security Through Computational Data Science Tina Berryman Program Coordinator
Lauren Davis PI
Steven Jiang Co-PI
Kehinde Odubela* Graduate Student
North Carolina Central University SEAS: Data-Enabled Science and Engineering of Atomic Structure Caesar Jackson PI
Kimberly Weems Co-PI
North Carolina State University AgBioFEWS: Agricultural Biotechnology In Our Evolving Food, Energy, and Water Systems Fred Gould PI
Dawn Rodriguez-Ward Program Staff
SEAS: Data-Enabled Science and Engineering of Atomic Structure Nina Milliken Graduate Student
Kelsey Mirrielees* Graduate Student
Ashleigh Wright Program Staff


The Ohio State University
Ramteen Sioshansi PI


University of Oklahoma EOS3: Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (Aeroecology as a Test-bed for Interdisciplinary STEM Training) Chris Anderson Faculty (non-PI)
Jennifer Koch Faculty (non-PI)
Sara Mata Program Staff


Oregon State University Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Marine Science Lorenzo Ciannelli PI
Katherine Hoffman Program Staff
Katie McConnell* Graduate Student
Jennifer Wong-Ala* Graduate Student
Megan Wilson* Graduate Student


Penn State University CoMET: The Computational Materials Education and Training Program Benjamin Evangelisti* Graduate Student
Kristen Fichthorn PI
Margaret Kowalik Program Staff
LandscapeU Cindy Etchison Program Coordinator
Leland Glenna* Co-PI
Caitlin Grady* Faculty (non-PI)
Leticia Oseguera* Evaluator
Erica Smithwick PI

South Carolina

Clemson University RIES: Resilient Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Christopher Kitchens Faculty (non-PI)
Caitlin  O’Loughlin Graduate Student
Paige Thomsen Program Staff
THINKER: Technology-Human Integrated Knowledge Education and Research Robert O’Hara* Graduate Student
Joshua Summers* Co-PI

South Dakota

Dakota State University DigForCE Lab: Digital Forensics for Cyber Enforcement Francisca Afua Opoku-Boateng* Graduate Student
Cyber-Physical-Social System for Understanding and Thwarting the Illicit Economy Arica Kulm Graduate Student
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Jon Kellar PI
Sierra Rasmussen Graduate Student
South Dakota State University Megan Guetzloff Graduate Student
University of South Dakota CY Jiang Faculty (non-PI)
Stanley May Co-PI
USD-N3: Neuroscience, Nanotechnology & Networks Program Christa Huber Graduate Student
Ranjit Koodali Co-PI


Vanderbilt University Neurodiversity Inspired Training in Science and Engineering Mark Wallace PI


Rice University A Bioelectronics Incubator for Training Students (BITS) at the Cell/Material Interface Sunny Niu Graduate Student
Joff Silberg PI
Lesa Tran Lu Program Staff
Texas A&M University D3EM: Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials Douglas Allaire Co-PI
Debra Fowler Co-PI
Joe Ross Co-PI
University of Texas, Austin INFEWS Scholar Program: Innovation at the Nexus of Food-Energy-Water Systems Michelle Burd Evaluator
Carolyn Cooper* Graduate Student
Laura Klopfenstein Program Staff
Jacob Troutman* Graduate Student
Charlie Werth PI


Utah State University Grad-CAREER: Graduate Climate Adaptation Research that Enhances Education and Responsiveness of science at the management-policy interface Lainie Brice Graduate Student
Nancy  Huntly PI
Thaddeus Nicholls Program Coordinator
Jacob Stuivenvolt Allen* Graduate Student
Simon SY Wang* Co-PI


University of Vermont QuEST: The Quantitative and Evolutionary STEM Training Program April L Berteau Program Staff
Brendan Case Graduate Student
Melissa Pespeni PI


George Mason University
Transdisciplinary Graduate Training Program in Data-Driven Adaptive Systems of Brain-Body Interactions Siddhartha Sikdar PI

National Science Foundation NSF Research Traineeship Program Jontia Brown Program Director
Marie Harton AAAS Fellow
Nimmi Kannankutty Program Director
Sylvia James EHR/DAD
Laura Regassa Program Director
Mandy Simcox Program Director
John Weishampel Program Director
University of Virginia Graduate Traineeship in Cyber-Physical Systems Yuan Tian* Faculty (non-PI)
John Stankovic PI
Kelley Tobler Program Staff
Rockman et al Julia Li* Evaluator
Virginia Tech DRRM: Disaster Resilience and Risk Management Aaron Akers Program Coordinator
Marie Paretti Co-PI
Robert Weiss PI
UrbComp: Urban Computing Naren Ramakrishnan PI
Wanawsha Shalaby Program Staff
Cathleen Simons Evaluator


University of Washington DIRECT: Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Technologies David Beck Faculty (non-PI)
Jessica Kong Graduate Student
Kelly Thornton Program Staff
data2insight LLC Veronica Smith* Evaluator
Future Rivers Gordon Holtgrieve PI


University of Wisconsin, Madison LUCID: Learning, Understanding, Cognition, Information, Data Science Caitlin E Iverson Program Staff
Owen Levin Graduate Student
Rob Nowak Co-PI
Tim Rogers PI
Karen Schloss Faculty (non-PI)
Melissa Schoenlein Graduate Student

*Participant receiving Travel Support from Northwestern.

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