Users of Northwestern’s Quaternary Sediment Lab work to reconstruct past and ongoing environmental changes and climate changes using sedimentary records, with a focus on paleolimnology.  The lab is equipped with a cold room for long-term sediment core storage; equipment for sediment core splitting and logging; instrumentation for magnetic and geochemical analyses of sediments; and a microscope facility devoted to identification and interpretation of biological remains preserved in lake sediments.

Coming in 2017: A lab addition will house a multi-instrument Geotek MSCL core logger, a particle size analyzer, automated core splitting facilities, and an additional cold room. New field capabilities include Edgetech sub-bottom sediment profiling and custom backpackable floating platform and coring devices.

Lab users also have access to extensive complementary facilities, including a well-equipped stable isotope lab, within the Department’s Integrated Labs for Earth & Planetary Sciences.

The lab is located at 4-170 Hogan Hall.

Send packages to:
Grace Schellinger
2205 Tech Drive, 4-170 Hogan Hall
Evanston, IL 60208