Lab & Field Equipment

Northwestern’s Quaternary Sediment Lab is part of GeoCAL – the laboratories for Geoperspectives on Climate and Life.¬† The QSL is equipped for a wide range of sediment analyses, including:

  • Geotek MSCL core logger with scanning XRF, color reflectance spectrophotometry, and magnetic susceptibility
  • high-resolution line-scan system for imaging sediment cores
  • Malvern Mastersizer for laser particle size analysis
  • microscope facility devoted to identification of biological remains preserved in lake sediments
  • two dedicated cold rooms with alarms and backup compressors for long-term sediment core storage
  • Geotek core splitter
  • freeze dryer, analytical balances, muffle furnace, drying ovens, spectrophotometer, sonic bath, centrifuge and three fume hoods

Lab users also have access to extensive complementary facilities¬†within the Department’s Integrated Labs for Earth & Planetary Sciences, including a well-equipped and professionally staffed¬†stable isotope lab.

The QSL’s collection of field equipment facilitates diverse lake characterization and sampling, and includes:

  • Edgetech acoustic sub-bottom profiling system
  • 12-foot Aire cataraft with coring tripod and platform
  • ultraportable (back-packable) coring platform
  • heavy-duty Nesje percussion piston corer
  • Livingston/modified Bolivia piston & rod corer
  • surface corers
  • Ekman dredge
  • small to medium-sized Zodiacs
  • equipment for remote camping and satellite-based communications