About Me


Subsectioning a surface sediment core near Scoresby Sund, East Greenland. Photo by L. Levy.

As a Quaternary geologist and paleolimnologist, I investigate Earth’s climate history by studying the sedimentary record preserved in modern lakes.  My research group uses methods from Quaternary geology, paleoecology and geochemistry to document past climate change, with a focus on the Arctic.

I have conducted research at Arctic and subarctic study sites since my first sampling trip to Alaska as an undergraduate in 1996.  My Ph.D. research in Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado focused on climate reconstructions from Iceland and Arctic Canada.  My group is currently focusing on sites in Greenland around the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

My courses at Northwestern address Earth’s climate system and climate history, methods in Quaternary geology, Earth surface processes, and the physical science of human impacts on the environment.

I am committed to sharing science beyond academia. For example, see my Op-Eds on cold winters and climate change and the future of the Arctic.

Email: axford@northwestern.edu

Phone: (847) 467-2268

Office Location: Tech F394/F395

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences