About Me

Prepping to core a lake in northwest Greenland. Photo by Alex P. Taylor.

As a Quaternary geologist and paleolimnologist, I investigate Earth’s climate history using the sedimentary record.  My research group uses methods from paleolimnology, paleoecology and geochemistry to explore past climate change. Current projects focus on the climate history of Greenland around the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet, late glacial and Holocene paleoclimate in the upper Midwest, and methodological improvements to climate proxies.

I have conducted research in the Arctic and subarctic since my first sampling trip to Alaska as an undergraduate in 1996.  My PhD research in Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado focused on Holocene climate in Iceland and Arctic Canada.

I am committed to sharing science beyond academia. For example, see my Op-Eds on cold winters and climate change and the future of the Arctic., and a climate science workshop for high school teachers.  I am also passionate about improving the diversity of our profession, and outcomes for womxn and everyone in STEM.

Email: axford@northwestern.edu

Phone: (847) 467-2268