Journal Articles in Review:

* Starred names are supervised graduate students.  ** Double stars indicate undergraduate authors.

Medeiros, A.M., Milošević, Đ., Francis, D.R., Maddison, E., Woodroffe, S., Long, A., Walker, I.R., Hamerlík, L., Quinlan, R., Langdon, P., Brodersen, K.P., and Axford, Y. Implications of biogeography for the distribution of arctic Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera).

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Published or Accepted Journal Articles:

**Dion-Kirschner, H., *McFarlin, J.M., Masterson, A., Axford, Y., and Osburn, M.R. 2020. Modern constraints on the sources and climate signals recorded by plant waxes in west Greenland. Accepted, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

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**Puleo, P.J.K., Axford, Y., *McFarlin, J.M., Curry, B.B., Barklage, M., and Osburn, M.R. 2020. Late glacial and Holocene paleoenvironments in the midcontinent United States, inferred from Geneva Lake leaf wax, ostracode valve, and bulk sediment chemistry. Quaternary Science Reviews 241, 106384.

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Opinion and Popular Media:

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