My research group investigates Earth’s climate history, primarily through the lens of paleolimnology (the study of lake sediments and past lake environments). Our field and laboratory work focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change in Arctic and alpine environments. The geologic record provides unique opportunities to observe how natural systems respond to changing climate. I am especially interested in documenting the past responses — and thereby estimating the future sensitivity — of mountain glaciers, continent-sized ice sheets, and cold-adapted ecosystems to climate change. Much of the research in my lab has focused on the Holocene (the past 11,000 years of Earth’s history), but we study timescales ranging from the Pliocene to the present. Northwestern’s Quaternary Sediment Lab, part of the Geoperspectives on Climate and Life lab suite, is equipped for geochemical, magnetic and paleoecological analyses of sediments, including scanning XRF and color spectrophotometry, automated particle size analysis, and microscopy.

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