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Energy-based descriptors to rapidly predict hydrogen storage in metal–organic frameworks

Bucior, B. J.; Bobbitt, N. S.; Islamoglu, T.; Goswami, S.; Gopalan, A.; Yildirim, T.; Farha, O. K.; Bagheri, N.; Snurr, R. Q.,  Mol. Syst. Des. Eng. 2019, 4 (1), 162-174.

Direct Imaging of Isolated Single-Molecule Magnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Aulakh, D.; Liu, L.; Varghese, J. R.; Xie, H.; Islamoglu, T.; Duell, K.; Kung, C. W.; Hsiung, C. E.; Zhang, Y.; Drout, R. J.; Farha, O. K.; Dunbar, K. R.; Han, Y.; Wriedt, M.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 2997-3005.

Extraction of Inorganic Selenium from Water by a Zr Metal-Organic Framework: Investigation of Volumetric Uptake Capacity and Binding Motifs

Drout, R. J.; Howarth, A. J.; Otake, K.; Islamoglu, T.; Farha, O. K. CrystEngComm 2018, 20, 6140-6145.

Detoxification of a Mustard-Gas Simulant by Nanosized Porphyrin-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks

Pereira, C. F.; Liu, Y.; Howarth, A.; Figueira, F.; Rocha, J.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K.; Tomé, J. P. C.; Almeida Paz, F. A.  ACS Applied Nano Materials 2019, 2, 465-469.

Hierarchically Engineered Mesoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks toward Cell-free Immobilized Enzyme Systems

Li, P.; Chen, Q.; Wang, T. C.; Vermeulen, N. A.; Mehdi, B. L.; Dohnalkova, A.; Browning, N. D.; Shen, D.; Anderson, R.; Gómez-Gualdrón, D. A.; Cetin, F. M.; Jagiello, J.; Asiri, A. M.; Stoddart, J. F.; Farha, O. K., Chem 2018, 4, (5), 1022-1034.

Revisiting the structural homogeneity of NU-1000, a Zr-based metal-organic framework

Islamoglu, T.; Otake, K.; Li, P.; Buru, C. T.; Peters, A. W.; Akpinar, I.; Garibay, S. J.; Farha, O. K., CrystEngComm 2018, 20, (39), 5913-5918.

An invited contribution to CrystEngComm New Talent 2018 special issue

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Chemical, thermal and mechanical stabilities of metal-organic frameworks

Howarth, A. J.; Liu, Y.; Li, P.; Li, Z.; Wang, T. C.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., Nature Reviews Materials 2016, 1, 15018.

Efficient Capture of Perrhenate and Pertechnetate by a Mesoporous Zr Metal–Organic Framework and Examination of Anion Binding Motifs

Drout, R. J.; Otake, K.; Howarth, A. J.; Islamoglu, T.; Zhu, L.; Xiao, C.; Wang, S.; Farha, O. K. Chem. Mater. 2018, 30, 1277-1284.

Metal-Organic Framework Supported Cobalt Catalysts for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane at Low Temperature

Li, Z.; Peters, A. W.; Bernales, V.; Ortuño, M. A.; Schweitzer, N. M.; DeStefano, M. R.; Gallington, L. C.; Platero-Prats, A. E.; Chapman, K. W.; Cramer, C. J.; Gagliardi, L.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., ACS Central Science 2017, 3, 31-38.

Best Practices for the Synthesis, Activation, and Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Howarth, A. J.; Peters, A. W.; Vermeulen, N. A.; Wang, T. C.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., Chem. Mater. 2017, 29, 26-39

Material and Interfaces for Energy-Related Applications: Hupp 60th Birthday Forum

Farha, O. K.; Hamann, T. W.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Mulfort, K., ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, (39), 33377-33378.

Selective Metal-Organic Framework Catalysis of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Using Phosphate-Modified NU-1000

Yabushita, M.; Li, P.; Islamoglu, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Fukuoka, A.; Farha, O. K.; Katz, A., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2017,56, 7141-7148.

Adding to the Arsenal of Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks: the Topology as a Platform for Solvent-Assisted Metal Incorporation

Liu, T.-F.; Vermeulen, N. A.; Howarth, A. J.; Li, P.; Sarjeant, A. A.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2016, 2016, 4265-4265.

Efficient extraction of sulfate from water using a Zr-metal-organic framework

Howarth, A. J.; Wang, T. C.; Al-Juaid, S. S.; Aziz, S. G.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., Dalton Trans 2016, 45, 93-97.

Methane Oxidation to Methanol Catalyzed by Cu-Oxo Clusters Stabilized in NU-1000 Metal-Organic Framework

Ikuno, T.; Zheng, J.; Vjunov, A.; Sanchez-Sanchez, M.; Ortuño, M. A.; Pahls, D. R.; Fulton, J. L.; Camaioni, D. M.; Li, Z.; Ray, D.; Mehdi, B. L.; Browning, N. D.; Farha, O. K.; Hupp, J. T.; Cramer, C. J.; Gagliardi, L.; Lercher, J. A., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 10294-10301.

Large-scale screening of hypothetical metal-organic frameworks

Wilmer, C. E.; Leaf, M.; Lee, C. Y.; Farha, O. K.; Hauser, B. G.; Hupp, J. T.; Snurr, R. Q., Nat Chem 2012, 4, 83-89.

Structure-property relationships of porous materials for carbon dioxide separation and capture

Wilmer, C. E.; Farha, O. K.; Bae, Y.-S.; Hupp, J. T.; Snurr, R. Q., Energy & Environmental Science 2012, 5, 9849-9856.

Transmetalation: routes to metal exchange within metal-organic frameworks

Lalonde, M.; Bury, W.; Karagiaridi, O.; Brown, Z.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K., Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013, 1, 5453-5468.

Rational Design, Synthesis, Purification, and Activation of Metal−Organic Framework Materials

Farha, O. K.; Hupp, J. T., Acc. Chem. Res. 2010, 43, 1166-1175.

Group Photos

Congratulations to Sol Ahn for successfully defending his thesis! March 2019

Farha group (belated) holiday party! March 2019

Megan C. Wasson gives a chalk talk at a Northwestern University Department of Chemistry BIP – February 2019
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MOF imaging work of Research Associate Timur Islamoglu and quote from Prof. Omar Farha featured on Northwestern University’s Office for Research Christmas Card – December 2018

Farha Group members past and present attended MOF 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand – December 2018

November 2018

Louis Redfern gives a chalk talk at a Northwestern University Department of Chemistry BIP – November 2018

Sylvia Hanna presents at the Actinide Center for Excellence Annual Review Meeting – August 2018

Goodbye to Zhanyong Li, Aaron Peters, and Kenichi Otake – August 2018

Dissertation Defense of Dr. Aaron Peters (Prof. Omar Farha, Prof. Dave Harris, Dr. Aaron Peters, Prof. Michael Wasielewski, Prof. Joseph Hupp) – July 2018

Dissertation Defense of Dr. Cornelius Audu (Prof. Omar Farha, Prof. SonBinh Nguyen, Dr. Cornelius Audu, Prof. Joseph Hupp, Prof. Randy Snurr) – May 2018

July 2018

May 2018

Farha Group Visiting Scholars Johannes Osterrieth and Isil Akpinar proudly display their Northwestern mugs before their departures – February 2018

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