Omar K. Farha

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Northwestern University


Current Research Focus:

Prof. Farha’s research seeks to solve exciting problems in chemistry and materials science ranging from energy and environment related applications to challenges in national defense by employing atomically precise functional materials.  By exploiting the modular nature of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and porous organic polymers (POPs), we work to fundamentally understand the role of three-dimensional architecture in modifying a material’s function for applications in gas storage and separation, catalysis, water remediation and detoxification of chemical warfare agent simulants.

Recent News

Chemistry World: "Chemists amid coronavirus: Omar Farha"

July 2020 – In the article “Chemists amid coronavirus: Omar Farha,” Dr. Farha discusses conducting research during a university shutdown and reopening his laboratory with limited more

Omar Farha, research group featured in Physics World

June 2020 – The article, “Ultraporous metal-organic frameworks could make clean energy carriers,” discusses Prof. Omar Farha and his work with aluminum-based metal-organic framework materials and their applications in fuel cell-powered vehicles. read more

Farha-led research team develops new method for engineering colloidal crystals

June 2020 – A team of researchers at the International Institute for Nanotechnology led by Profs. Chad Mirkin and Omar Farha have developed a new method for engineering nanoscopic materials known as colloidal crystals, using building blocks with unique properties that may enable advances in medicine, energy, and the environment. read more

Omar Farha Elected to the European Academy of Sciences

May 2020 – Professor Omar Farha has been elected as a Foreign Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). EurASc is a fully independent international association of distinguished scholars that aims to recognize and elect to its membership the best European scientists with a vision for Europe as a whole, transcending national borders, and with the aims of strengthening European science and scientific cooperation.