Registration & Deadlines

Registration is Open! CLICK to Register by June 17, 2019

Fees & Activities

$295 USD = base fee, covering the conference venue and coffee breaks.

Additionally, participants may register for the banquet dinner ($65 USD) and/or the architectural boat tour ($50 USD). Participants are welcome to bring guests to the dinner and tour. Please enter the name of your guest(s) when you register.


Payment for all fees is due at the time of registration. Payments by credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) are accepted. Charges will appear as “NU CIERA” on your credit card statement.

We are unable to make refunds for payments made.

Travel Information

Participants are responsible for travel arrangements. Please see:
Lodging & Dining for the recommended hotel and group hotel rate (cut-off date July 18).
Travel & Venue Information for airport, transit, and parking guidance.

Thank you for your interest in Hotwired VI!


MARCH 1, 2019: Registration opens. Titles/abstracts for oral presentation & poster requests are due at the time of registration (small edits will be accepted later). Payment for all fees is due at registration.
JUNE 17, 2019: Register by this date to receive full consideration for an oral presentation.
JULY 18, 2019: Hotel cut-off. Reservations at the group rate will be accepted until 30 days before the start of the meeting.
JULY 18, 2019: Late registration fee will be charged after this date.

Meeting Program

AUGUST 18, 2019: Informal Welcome Gathering 8pm.
AUGUST 19, 2019: Meeting Sessions Start 9am.
AUGUST 20, 2019: Daytime Sessions & Banquet Dinner (optional).
AUGUST 21, 2019: Daytime Sessions & evening Public Lecture.
AUGUST 22, 2019: Meeting Ends Noon. (See program for optional afternoon activities).
(OPTIONAL) AUGUST 23, 2019: Hack Day.

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