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Meeting Rationale

Hot-wiring the Transient Universe VI will explore opportunities and challenges of massively parallel time domain surveys coupled with rapid coordinated multi-wavelength follow-up observations.

The interdisciplinary agenda includes:
(1) Future and ongoing science investigations;
(2) Information infrastructure for publishing observations in real time;
(3) Novel data science to classify events and systems to optimize follow-up campaigns;
(4) Hands on activities to train on alerts from current surveys and broker systems.

Time domain astronomy is at the fore of modern astrophysics and crosses fields from solar physics and solar system objects, through stellar variability, to explosive phenomena at galactic and cosmological distances.

Recent rapid progress by instruments in space and on the ground has been toward a continuous record of the electromagnetic sky with ever increasing coverage, sensitivity, and temporal resolution. With the advent of gravitational wave and neutrino observatories we are witnessing the birth of multi-messenger astronomy.
Scientific Organizing Committee

Raffaella Margutti, Chair (CIERA, Northwestern University)

Federica Bianco (New York University)
Eric Christensen (Catalina Sky Survey, University of Arizona)
Matthew Graham (Zwicky Transient Factory)
Melissa Graham (University of Washington)
Ashish Mahabal (California Institute of Technology)
Tom Matheson (National Optical Astronomy Observatory)
Andrej Prsa (Villanova University)
Rob Seaman (Catalina Sky Survey, University of Arizona)
Rachel Street (Las Cumbres Observatory)
Tom Vestrand (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Roy Williams (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)
Przemek Wozniak (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Local Organizing Committee

Raffaella Margutti (CIERA, Northwestern University)
Gretchen Oehlschlager (CIERA, Northwestern University)